One of four scenarios emerging from the questions: Are aliens welcome? How will invasive species become a source, rather than threat and waste?

Scenario Axes: Inclusive Ethics with a consumerist status quo.


Alien species are domesticated and “containered”. They are farmed and cultivated, to be sold to supermarkets and consumed on a mass scale. Large marketing campaigns of infomercials are globally launched to convince the public that it is safe and good for the environment to eat exotic and invasive species. Artists and designers are employed to apply aesthetics to invasive species, producing enclosed ornamental gardens auctioned at high prices and quarantined in private collections. Hipsters and trend setters latch onto invasives as a new fashion. Media attention is unprecedented. Most newspapers and lifestyle magazines feature new invasives as a thing to not to miss for environmentally conscious consumers. “Domesticate the alien” slogans everywhere. Institutionalised studies into alien species is thriving, both applied scientific inquiry and market research. Large scale development projects are underway to catalogue and breaucratise alien management. The propaganda cloud encourages alien control in all aspects of life: not just exotic plant and animal species, but human individuals and counter-cultural movements as well.



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