One of four scenarios emerging from the questions: Are aliens welcome? How will invasive species become a source, rather than threat and waste?

Scenario Axes: Changing consumer patterns, “Me” Ethics

The Earth is plagued by massive disasters and the human population is in a perpetual 'damage control' mode. The disasters happen faster than humans can make changes in their lifestyles. Instead of radical transformation that is needed, communities around the world are engaged in continuous remediation. Plastering over gaping woulds, without ever being able to treat the symptoms. Fear is wide spread, fear of losing control. Trust in political and economic powers is slowly eroding. Social pressure is demanding new approaches to dealing with invasive species that are forever changing ecological habitats. Consumers are hungry for products and services that will help them live through these turbulent times. Rather than waiting for changes on massive scale, people are beginning to take matters in their own hands, cultivate mixed patches of land, with both native and exotic species - whatever can help them feed themselves, as global distribution channels are increasingly disrupted and unpredictable. New exchange markets emerge, increasing diversity of available produce. Alien species are tolerated when beneficial, exploited when profitable. Shareholder activists demand research and development of habitat diversity, needed to make societies more resilient in the face of natural and economic disasters. Dissidents, rebelling against the individualistic “me” ethics encourage consumers to change their patterns of behaviour and pull the economy towards sharing and cross-pollination.


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