A distillation of atmospheres, questions and conversations from FoAM's intermittent journeys into dust and shadow. Through the Sonoran, Mojave, and Great Basin deserts. Surrounded by the dust of matter, of displacement, of action and neglect. In the shadow of experimentation, realpolitik and the 6th mass extinction. A humbling, discordant experience of animate surroundings, dusty imperatives and shadowy potentials. Attuning to time and matter beyond-human scales. Echoing signals from those who are gone. Boneyards, ghost towns, zombie utopias. Myths and counter-myths. Guns and God. Tricksters and Shamans. Fictocritics and interspecies hermeneuts. A reflection on hope in the dark, and the brightness of despair during a time of global weirding. Returning, only to depart again. A pause within a nomadic continuum, open to review. Revisit. Revival. Redux.

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