Inflatable Inspirations: 15 sections of visual Inflatable Inspirations. Each section by far don't give a complete overview in its field but I hope all works are, in one way or another, inspiring and can lead to new vibrations…

pneumatology: Lightness as a state of being. Some problem domains in our contemporary architecture.

Pattern_language A summary of Christopher Alexander’s Pattern Language to create a timeless way of building. This pattern language is based on the actions which takes place in space and time which makes one feel “alive”.

An Inflatable Pattern Language: A description of the patterns based on the structures of The Architects on Air (UK), which can be useful for anyone interested in building ‘living inflatable structures’.

Design Considerations For Inflatable Structures: the most common obstacles one comes across in inflatable structures are mentioned. No solutions will be given to any design problem, but some suggestions will be given so now and then…

Inflatable Links An inventory of links for innovative inflatable- manufacturers, research labs, producers and other people working with inflatables both from the artistic and in the technological field, and links with innovative inflatable architecture, objects, & robots

Related reading notes: The Timeless Way Of Building by Christopher Alexander, Cradle to Cradle by William McDonough & Michael Braungart, The Eyes of the Skin by Juhani Pallasmaa]

Research Report Cocky Eek (by cocky eek)

Two Legged Research

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