This page has been created for a bit of a catch all for various sailing notes that might belong elsewhere, but those elsewheres are carefully delineated by other projects (Resilients, Luminous) that they probably do not belong specifically there. Plus, this a a bidgy mixture of notes, not a text or a summary of an event.

Later, must add the links to other sailing related pages on the libarynth.

Low tech mobility

The low level of technology and inputs needed seem to be a main motivator for people taking to the water. Tales of people trading diesel guzzling campervans for wind-powered sailboats, people using oars, paddles or a yuloh for movement instead of a motor. And if a motor, then a diesel using old frying oil.

Similarly there are people interested in solar and wind power as well as other ways of maintaining life off the grid.


There seem to be a lot of people who travel on the water semipermanently.

Blog of a family who are home teaching, travelling and getting by.


There seem to be many of them. Some of them are anarchocapitalists who just dont want to pay taxes and be part of societies (often prefering floating cities). But others are anarcho in the more clever sense, they are aware of power and want to share it, who do not want to be atomised individuals, but also don't want to buckle under.

Here is a PDF document of an organisers notes about a sailing anarchists meet up in February 2012 in Guatamala. Such a meeting is hard: the sea is large and sailboats are slow. Meetups are hard to organise.

This blog tries to keep some of the energy in a public eye. There is a planned meetup for 2014 in Rio Dulce, there is talk of one happeing in France near a squatted tidal mill on the south side of the Brittany penisula.

An essay about vagabonds and other free spirits on the water since Joschua Slocum.

And perhaps most relevant, a list of fanzines and articles about this whole anarcho-libertarian boat project thingee.

One thing people find out, is that although one is often on ones own out in the middle of the ocean, one also needs others and sharing, on an equal footing, is the basis of free society. While some will see Anarcho-something as the way that would be named, others just create a club or something, like the Seven Seas Cruising Association and try to ignore the reciprocity of it all.

There are some places that are apprently more friendly to unorthodox sailing or boating folks. One in Wales.

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