On 5th February 2015 Beursschouwburg will celebrate its 50th birthday. A memorable day in the arts centre’s history and they are planning to celebrate with a wide range of festivities. Amidst the 50 hours of performances, concerts, workshops and various forms of merriment, FoAM will carve out times and spaces for rest.

Lucid dreaming

The hosts welcome the participants individually, give each of them a Lucid Elucidation card and whisper short instructions. A soft soundscape (TimeMachines) is playing off several MP3-players and small speakers spread across the room creating a resonant, sleep-inducing sonic texture. People can come at any time during the time while we're present.

Guided siesta

Four 'islands' of different types of siesta will be spread across the Zilvere zaal. One island is for dark and quiet power naps, one for guided meditation, one for relaxing with a soundscape and one for afternoon tea with reading. Our hosts will guide the participants in silence. People should arrive the latest by 14:10, we can't have walk-ins after that to ensure silence. At the end the visitors will receive a set of FoAM's cards with suggestions for improving the skills of Doing Nothing.

Breathing exercises

A series of individual and group breathing exercises guided by a FoAM host. The series will start from a lying down posture, through sitting, standing, moving and walking. The exercise ends with a walk in the city using FoAM's 'green trail' cards (individual). Ideally people would come in by 08:10, but it is possible to have walk-ins after that as well.

Party Booster

FoAM will serve a coffee&tonic cocktail, whole-food insect cookies, spirulina pills, dextrose and raw cocoa snuff. Guests will be invited to perform energising movements before tasting the party-boosters. People can walk-in at any time.


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