Drama Princess is a research project by Tale of Tales (Auriea Harvey & Michael Samyn). The 'Drama Princess' herself should become a software module for autonomous characters, reusable in different realtime 3D environments and situations. The characters should have a strong dramatic impact and a range of emotional effects, rather than be correct recreations of human lifeforms.

The Drama Princess gathering will be a round table discussion focused on autonomous characters in virtual environments. Several commercial video games will be discussed, as well as the creation of characters in both science (artificial intelligence) and the arts (literature and theater). Anyone with an interest in any of the above is welcome to join the discussion, present their own research in related fields, propose interesting directions and methods, or just listen and absorb.

Drama Princess transcript: http://www.tale-of-tales.com/DramaPrincess/wp/?p=47

Evaluation: http://www.tale-of-tales.com/DramaPrincess/wp/?p=69

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