The (Virtual) Domains of the Project

  • Architecture : Tube and Interactive Room
  • Relational : Stellar Projective Plane
  • Syncopathic : Sonic Domain
  • Perceptual : Conduits to Cortical Activities whose details elude

And we have maps between the 4 spaces

[insert map]

Sound Space

  • Recapitulates architectural and relational spaces.
  • Implements the syncopathic state of the system.


Should be spatially local. Excitations are produced at each point of the sound domain by the motions of individuals within the space. Sounds interact and flow within this domain in a way that respects the geometries, relations, and syncopation.

Design we will use is an interactive locally excitable nonlinear waveguide mesh.


See also Project Syncoptic Technology

  • Data input from video analysis in Cycling74 Jitter
  • Excitable Nonlinear Waveguide Mesh implemented in Cycling74 MSP

[insert diagram]

More details to follow.

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