The Hunger


the hunger of a planet eating star…

Nervus Avidus


constellation by Sher Doruff:

a starry constellation contribution but not very poetic.

It's called Nervus Avidus (energetically greedy for money) spotted in the northern hemisphere. It represents caffeinated capitalist wireless access points in Manhattan -Starbucks





constellation by Bruno Juricic:

Nervus Avidus


constellation by Luther Thie:

Insectgerl Star Cluster / Curseovdialect


constellation by nancy mauro-flude:



constellations by Hanne:

Dimension 3 (Relevant) / Dimension 4 (Safe - Hazardous)

* constellations by Dirk van Oosterbosch


Dimension 3: Relevant - Irrelevant (to the system itself, so actually the level of recursiveness):


Dimension 4: Safe - Hazardous:

The two constellations are two out of the four possible dimensions the constellation can be looked upon. (The system itself is a recursive four-dimensional dynamic -fluid- database of words.)

The mythology of my constellation is -if you want- a story about clearing my mind. The nodes are words that have a relevance to the problems and projects which held me busy during my 4 years of art educuation. This project was the final, concluding project in which all those subjects had to come together. While developing the idea of the project, I hoped that the computer program I would write and which would contain all those terms would also contain all the dynamic relationships between those words, exactly like I have those relationships in my head. I secretly hoped that this computer program would consequently teach me new things about those subjects and would give me a higher level of understanding this field of thoughts. Ofcourse my own written program didn't lift me from my plane of consciousness. Instead the complexity of the whole project drowned my in my own world of thoughts and I barely managed to emerge from it and succesfully graduated.

Constellations from Plot

From M. Kuzmanovic / E. Kusaite:


constellation of heh_hauhet, the dual god of eternity and infinity:


constellation of hathor, the tree goddess


constellation of isis, the keeper of secrets:


constellation of rhiannon, the goddess of birds:


constellation of rona`s revenge:

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