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The groWorld initiative is FoAM's interstice between ecology, culture and technology. It brings together three ‘forces’ capable of transforming the world on human and ecological scale: design, permaculture and technology. These three strands of inquiry inform and support each other, aiming to forge new symbiotic relationships between the post-industrial human societies and the rest of the Earth:

{sym} works on ecologically inspired, biomimetic and biomorphic, eco-scale culture. In progress see: groworld_directions, groworld design 200708, groworld story, groworld_related

{bio} is the ‘down-to-earth’ strand, applying itself to urban (re)vegetation, gardening and nourishment. In progress see category_gardens, foam_food, Biodiversity, Project Groworld Adelaide, Project Groworld Bristol

{sys} invovles research and development of ‘electric green’ technology, able to shed light, circulate energy, purify the elements, shelter or adorn a place in which all living things can delight. In progress see category botany, hpi, groworld game, groworld tiergarten, augmented foraging

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