> From: Xavier Amatriain xamat*iua.upf.es
> To: iua-mtg*iua.upf.es
> Subject: Graphical dataflow programs violate patents
> Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2004 10:57:56 +0100
> I read that National Circuits sued and won a case against Mathworks
> for their Simulink product infringing a number of paterns (September
> this year).
> According to a summary of the claims (which you can read here
> http://cafc.bna.com/03-1540.pdf): the dispute was about the term "data
> flow diagrams" (which are interpreted) as a graphical computer program
> whose execution follows a set of semantic or operational rules as
> follows:
> 1. The order of the operations is not completely specified by the user
> 2. The order of operations is implied by data interdependencies
> 3. a node may only execute after all its inputs have become available,
> and,
> 4. outputs are generated after a node completes execution
> It turns out that most graphical audio programs such as Max, Pd, OSW
> or CLAM's Network Editor may be infringing these patents. Luckily this
> is still not valid in Europe and we hope will never be.

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