Thought on a quote a got today:

“To make hard tasks easy, mountains molehills, and challenges simple, you can opt for one of two paths. You can be still, wait for guidance, and expect spontaneous enlightenment. Or you can just roll up your sleeves and get busy doing what you can, with what you've got, from where you are. May I suggest the latter? It's usually much faster. And it makes you a bloomin' lightening rod for divine guidance and spontaneous enlightenment.”

… there is a voice in me saying that when we combine both - acting with this inner silence and listening to the guidance/collective wisdom → therefore tapping into the field which somehow already knows how and what to do → we might could say also = acting from the colletive - it will flow and synchronicity will emerge…

a thought and somehow my body system knows :)

→ links into the books of Joseph Jaworski

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