There are certain stories that human beings tell over and over again. They're called “myths.” The solipsism or limited solipsism myth is one of them. Here are some others:

  • There's this round bauble you can get in a pawn shop or find in the gutter or get in some comic book store but it's really the Earth.
  • You finally find the answer to some hard question or experience the ultimate in something and the whole Universe ends.
  • You keep seeing a ghost or an alternate persona or something until you realize that you're the ghost and it's real.
  • Somebody looks past someone else's external appearance and sees a nice person.
  • Something seemingly innocent, like a doll or a clown or a carousel or an operating system turns out to be really, really evil.
  • If it shares some characteristics of humans but not all of them, like a wolfman or a vampire or a monster or a computer, it wants to kill you.
  • You're not sure if you're dreaming you're a butterfly, or you're a butterfly dreaming it's you.
  • Kid studies too much and loses his soul.

– epepke

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