This project was developed by a 16-old Turkish student for the Google Science Faire.

Trial 1 - Diverging points from the original protocol

Trial performed at FoAM Brussels Biolab on September 22nd.

  • 4 banana peels on ripening degree 7 (rather than 4)
  • Dried them in kitchen paper (instead of gauze)
  • Washed the puree (rather than the banana peels) with a 1% (rather than 0.5%) sodium metabisulphite solution
  • The color of the puree was dark yellow after blending.
  • The color turned salmon after adding HCl
  • The color turned dark olive green after adding NaOH (lessive de soude)
  • Propane 1-2-3 triol was replaced by liquid glycerin from suppositories
  • The proportions were 6 times higer than in the protocol
  • Cooked 40 minutes in the random temperature gas oven of FoAM Brussels

Ended up as a black unstructure & cooked-puree like structure (not a plastic at all).

Trial 2

Trial performed at FoAM Brussels Biolab on September 24th.

  • 1 banana peel, ripening degree 4
  • Dipped 10 minutes in the 1% sodium metabisulphite solution.
    • The solution stayed open to the air in the lab for 36 hours.
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