Check-in round

Objective of the call (Maja)

  • Make sure we still are all on the same page
  • See how we can proceed
  • Pitch
    • Document to start informing people that we exist
    • This text as a begginning of that process
  • About both
    • Process facilitation
    • The working group

Round of opinions on text

  • Back up to what the techniques are
    • More than world café and open space, but what ?
      • A bit more substance
        • Name the skills, bio work
  • It is not healthy to do Process facilitation alone
    • Luea wants to work with bigger systems and multistakeholders, and this requests teams of facilitators, appropriately designed to the process to facilitate
  • Real-life lab
    • Not only as a service
    • …but also some feedback to our own research practices on holistic multi-stakeholders transitions
      • Not for clients, maybe for funders
  • Another aspect : we have been in transitions ourselves, we have embodied the process
    • Part of our USP
    • We all have a daily practice of inner work, which allows to hold a level of presence
  • Define better our USP
    • Maybe from our bios
  • It would be great to beta test it to our own multistakeholders platform
  • Our own pitch document, for ourselves : what are planning to do ?
  • Not a technique-focused group
  • Give more taste on our personalities/skills, but stress the custom design aspect
  • In working group description : mention of a toolbox of techniques and methods we would
  • Please add quotes if you want
  • Added a small item of tinkering, (un)making based workshops & connecting them to personal thoughts and reflections
  • Exclusively customises processes to the groups when facilitating
  • Existing toolboxes from Hosting Crafts are useful
  • How can we better integrate tinkering with thinking and feeling ?
  • Everything is in the doc !
  • Curious about the next steps
  • Map the areas we can easily have access to
    • Build the narrative with others
  • First working group meeting we will have after this one should be :
    • Systems maps which should give us the stakeholders with whom we can safely test the story - both testing the pitch, and get some first process design exercises.
  • We need a name !
  • Once we have the systems map, we can target the pitch towards different stakeholders

Next steps

  • Maja will open :
    • a document to prepare the systems mapping
      • everyone put their network
    • a document to put down some names
  • September 23rd - 4-5 pm - Call
    • Final refining of the pitch
    • State of the systems mapping (on Google doc)
    • How does the group work ?
      • Who does what ?
      • What tools ?
      • What kind of small weekly contribution to the constitution of the group ?
    • Name for the Process facilitation working group
  • December 16th - Visual system mapping (full day blocked)

Check-out round

  • Likes the depth of smaller groups discussions
  • Good to alternate presential and online meetings
  • Enjoyed the meeting
  • Good that Skype works !
  • Happy we did it
  • Happy it works online
  • Post-summer Hosts conversation > gives a lot of hope
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