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Many of us experience some form of dis-ease in our daily life, whether an actual (chronic, physical or mental) illness or an uncomfortable sense that something is deeply wrong with ourselves and the world around us. How can we use this dis-ease as an opportunity for deep inquiry into our life and work? How can we use this opportunity to transform dis-ease into an ease of living, not just for ourselves, but for our organisations, communities and the world, becoming more resilient, adaptive and joyful in the process?

What is it?

This programme of activities will allow you to learn, share and experience the art of living with dis-ease. You can get a taste of the programme during our afternoon session (3 hours), or can dive straight into the in-depth retreat (3 days). A longer (6-12 months) coaching programme is available for retreat participants. Living with dis-ease sessions include inspirational talks and testimonials, reflective and experiential practices for self-care, as well as guided sessions to help you connect with people, environments and (hi)stories.

What can you expect to get from participating in this programme?

  • you can learn how to inhabit, explore and accept your dis-ease
  • you can practice a range of creative and empowering techniques and approaches to help you take better care of yourself, allowing you to take your life back into your own hands
  • you can experience how your dis-ease changes when you feel connected to and belonging to a larger whole – from other people, to the larger dimensions of time and space.

Your guides are people with a background in the artistic and cultural sector, who have experienced serious dis-ease or illness, which they used as a raw material in the creative process of changing their lives, works and environments.


Afternoon/evening session (3 hours): an inspirational talk and series of short exercises in an immersive setting filled with multisensory treats (foods, scents, sounds, light…)

Day-long workshop and/or ritual to explore different approaches to living with dis-ease, including testimonials and simple contemplative and physical exercises.

Retreat (3 days): a residential programme in quiet, green surroundings with customised catering; including training, practical exercises, guided walks and meditations, artistic immersions, testimonials and other opportunities for sharing.

Master class: how can your personal experience with dis-ease influence the larger system in which you live and work (organisations, communities, social systems…)?

Coaching sessions: individual sessions tailored to your specific dis-ease and situation (6 months or a year)


  1. Open call to anyone who feels a disease (as diverse as possible)
  1. Specific target groups we can cater to (atm), for more in depth rituals, workshops and retreats:
  • Cancer
  • Burn-out
  • Women experiencing unacknowledged loss
By whom?

Maja, Barbara, Rasa, Kathleen, Eva DG, Stevie


What does the practice/activity need from the hosting community?

  • co-creation & co-hosting
  • funding (part of the financing should come from the community or through subsidies, to allow people with insuficcient means to participate)
  • space for events, workshops, retreats, coaching sessions


Why is this practice/activity relevant for the hosting community? What learning will it bring?

  • it addresses several relevant change drivers (art & care, answers to a “dis-eased” society, reconnection, awakening, participation, angry bodies…)
  • we will learn how to connect our personal experiences to larger systemic change, thereby creating meaning for ourselves & participats
  • it will open doors to new networks related to health care, personal and professional wellbeing, etc.
  • it is an opportunity to co-create a new programme by several members of the community
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