As a way of structuring the Grow Your Own Worlds publication, we have organised its themes and content into several “worlds” that broadly represent our foci of interest and possibly the shape of the book’s “chapters”.

Overall atmosphere: The exquisite and the liminal

Transient reality

Transient reality…where we talk about FoAM's experiments with immersive, responsive, transmedia environments, and our explorations of the edges between the digital and the physical worlds



Behind the Algorithms

… in which we trace a path through computational worlds, beginning with glitch art and generative media through to live coding, and tangible programming



Tangible interfaces:

Other sw/hw & robotics related activities/texts/materials:




Towards Luminous Green

Thriving in uncertainty

… balancing on the edges of fiction and reality, futurecrafting and fortunetelling, delving deep into FoAM's explorations of speculative culture, looking at what emerges when we dare ask “what if?” and prototype the answers as artistic experiments and daily rituals; here we also explore several perspectives on surviving and thriving in turbulent times, and ask what cultural resilience might be like, today and in the future


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FoAM Food

… is one of the pillars of our transdisciplinary culture; in this world we reveal the secrets of FoAM's experimental kitchen and include recipes and menus from some of our most beloved meals


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Hosting Culture

Grow your own

Institutional Hacking

… where we talk about the nuts and bolts of experimenting with an organisation as an artform, FoAM as an extended clan blurring the boundaries between life and work, and the many pros and cons that we experienced in the flesh during this process


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Affordable Mysticism

Note: this is more of a background radiation than an actual world - it is suffused in all the other worlds

… is the small niche of all things meta and pata, the esoteric, mystical and spiritual dimensions that though often occulted, are like dark matter interspersed as background radiation behind everything we do

  • Data, metadata, pata- and para-data
  • synaesthetic, ritualistic, ecstatic, mystical, and communal dimensions of sonification/music
  • syncretic religious movements/practices, including hyper-real religions


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Who's who

this is a family album of FoAM's worldbuilders

… where we talk about and hear from FoAM's extended family, the various people involved, devolved and in partial orbit or comet-rendezvous flyby. We want to surface the manifold links between people, places, projects and studios in FoAM's family and friends, as well as to find out what happened to the many individuals who worked with us as emerging artists, scientists and other generalists with whom we share(d) many things but have subsequently lost touch through temporal, spatial or philosophical distance…


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Various historica

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