Playful profiles of the hosts present at the session on the 9th of February. See also the hosts index cards.


A goddess of sound, or a musical teleportation device from the middle ages to now and into the future, Stevie unleashes energy through teaching, mentoring and performing. She has a very personal sense of leadership, with lots of chaotic energy leading you, however, to substantial results. With her deep composing, improvisation and nurturing skills and her creativity, she is able to tune in and awaken the best in people. In her hands, instigating creativity in others, everyone becomes a musician. She bridges different sectors, a.o. female mysticism, with surprising and passionate outcomes.


Kathleen guides transition processes from micro to macro levels. Teasing you into change, her humor is connecting and empowering. Upholding the motto ‚don’t worry’, she cooks safety. Her elements are earth and fire, her roots are deep and luminescent - achieving deep impact and avoiding superficiality - and her fruits tiny and beautiful. She is a lucid shaman you can rely on, bringing light in situations or problems that she, with her egoless creativity, quickly grasps and overviews. Her interests in spirituality, yoga, nature and holistic transformation crackle into large impact concerning personal growth, teamwork and team spirit, hosting and participatory processes, learning and camping.


Barbara is deadly gracious. She undulates between warmth and fragile yet dramaless storytelling. This charismatic leader finds magic in the small, knowing that little drops can change the form of the rock. She is a transforming transformator, sensing the smallest change and adapting to that, creating space for personal growth, healing, artistic practice, constellation and research, as against burn-out or other unacknowledged bad things that happen in life. Creating new rituals from the unspoken, birds fly from her finger tips.


A big picture person and an eloquent multilingual public speaker, Maja is great at explaining complicated processes in simple terms. She is a cross-sectorial, cross-cultural and cross-generational Kali, creating energy fields in which total experiences, pantheistic processes, futuring, and rituals can take place. She masters research, harvesting, writing, alchemical cooking and transmedial design. She dislikes energy-sucking vampires, but loves dressing up as an anarcho-dandy. As a warm draught and a tough elf mentoring life changing experiences, a lucid priestess embodying mysticism and nurturing experimenting, she makes art out of life and life out of art.


Lies has the ability to be silent and stay focused for extended periods. She listens and understands. She crystallizes what is important, in a voice that makes you want to listen, a voice that intones, as if singing while speaking. As a wise whisperer she can translate any experience into words. She encourages people to see clear and differently, making everyone feel included and with a fine eye for beauty and a particular sense of humor. Lies is a generous turtle, animal of another era observing today’s world. She dreams of, towards the end of her life, walking long roads in a long robe, looking around, slowly, a geriatric pelgrimage as it were.


Eva is a butterfly that drones and bubbles deep flows. She challenges you, friendly and fluttering. She hosts, writes, curates and creates experiences with a holistic approach and good sense of serendipity and humor, and lots of joy and curiosity. While not scared of expressing emotions and digging into areas of weakness, she builds, like an architect. She is a facilitator of maker culture, arts, transition and community, installing new systems respectful of ecology. In her life and work, she embodies healing, personal growth, ritualistic, contemplative, and meditative practices. This playful pixie pours her sharp eye into words. She has no nightmares. She is momentum.


Rasa radiantly throws you off your guard. She experiments and thinks out of the box. Always. Her mind is full of wonder. She loves hunting for loose ends in a sensual way. She is utterly visceral. Life for Rasa is a multilayered cabbage and she even knows how to make that taste good. When she is in the kitchen, that becomes a place of art. She is a costume designer of anything that grows. She generates energy by making people experience things, by playing, cooking, gardening, dancing - all sorts of bodily things. She opens people up, bringing them to a next artistic level, having the best assisting skills one can imagine. Kids love her, even though she makes their heads burst with rainbows, dolls and candy. She makes small steps with small groups, making things click, clicking pictures into place. Through her photographs people and the world gain beauty. Her goddess is growing. And growing and growing.


An oak with a coat of moss. Or an egg with a coat of moss. A smile that makes people smile. Gentle with space, surroundings and people, Eva is wild at foraging and anything else. She is a child of the forest, increasingly learning to read nature and cards, and understanding their symbolic interpretations. A budding druid, she connects, inspires and reassures people. Pulsating with intuition and instinct, she takes into account and takes care of the energy of the other. Magic is possible. She has a helicopter view on sustainability and transition. She dreams of a healed earth and therefore offers and shares ideas, and watches and helps them grow.

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