techniques for shifting wordlines / association matrix wounds

Rotting phosphorescent bones carried a gasoline dream - Hand falling - White flash mangled “Mr. Bradly Mr Martin” - Thing Police, Board Room Death Smell, time has come for the dark street - No more - No mass wounded galaxies - I told him you on aid - Died out down stale streets through convolutions of our ever living poet - On this green land the dollar twisted to light a last cigarette - Last words answer you -

There is no place else to go The theater is closed

There is no place else to go The theater is closed

Cut word lines

Cut music lines

Smash the control images

Smash the control machine

false memories he has and cinema. The actors cut down false electromagnetic absorption technique that virtually business makes up little more … the management association says. “Psychemedics . summed up as: 1. Hit ” … is actually a technique and not the false edge at diagonal) cut, all descending.. point,pictographic technique. . Light-fingered int keyCode, bool i18_n = FALSE). … This technique works for “other” … popup, id, “Scroll Up” );. … the old association and connections … Print , Quit , Cut , Copy , Paste False fingernails that destroy belief that the linking up of texts … abundance of association into .. imagination is cut off from the technique. the point that the technique comes along with … keep head up; cut off penetration with … lateral step, slightly up field; back foot … playside foot; no false step with … eliminates false alarms. … thickness up to the Manufacturers is 'cut-up' technique. also applied … was released.

Brion Gysin

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