Suggestion for circular economy 101 mapping & discussion: aside from affinity mapping, it might be worth mapping what is known, presumed and unknown in the group.

What is known?

What do we (the CSAW group) know for sure? What are the histories and current facts available about circular economy?

  • this is where you could map the key facts of circular economy 101

What can we safely presume?

What do we (the CSAW group) think might be true about circular economy but are not completely certain about?

  • as this session would have non-experts talking about circular economy, there might be some things some of them presume are true, but the group isn't sure.
  • this is where some initial CSAW hypotheses arise

What is unknown (and unknowable)?

What does the group not know about circular economy, but are known to someone else? What are the problems without known solutions? What is unknowable?

  • map the questions about circular economy that haven't been answered yet
  • this is where the problem space can begin to emerge

Based on KPU(U) Framework

KPU(U) can be combined with affinity diagrams. For example, if you're using a spreadsheet, map affinity in columns, KPU(U) in rows). If you prefer circular mapping, the KPU template could be made as an onion diagram (, with affinity clusters arranged across three concentric circles.

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