immerse yourself in nature – explore its laws

nature - foundation for all higher cognition – letting science be reborn in the spirit

the spirit in nature reveals itself in the collision of two elastic spheres

World as it is: towards higher cognition in three stages:

  • nature elemental
    • world as a whole in all its natural connections - each thing is under
    • Astral or celestial world - primordial essence of the world

Paracelsus: I feel myself to be this single man - he is the same as the world is, but he is this as a repetition, as a separate being: micro- and macrocosm. Every organism is a part of the great chain of the universe. It is a link in it and it exists only in connection with all the others.

Human nature can be divided in three parts:

  • organism, sensory-corporeal nature
  • hidden nature (link in the chain
  • astral body, spirit, soul - lives in the world of dreams

DIvision of the human (approximation):

  • elemental body
  • animal spirit
  • rational soul
  • spiritual soul
  • universal spirit
  • divine
  • primordial matter
  • First there was water… then it separated into 4 elements
  • Spirit does not create nature, but develops out of it.
  • two kinds of flesh: coarse and subtle
  • the idea of development, of becoming.
  • self creating activity of man - alchemy.
  • nature cannot be put to use without art.
  • all bodies: three basic substances: salt, sulphur and mercury.
  • important chemical processes: solution in a liquid and combustion.
  • friendship with nature
  • God himself does not know what he is

God had to become sensible in order to satisfy his need for self revelation.

God: das Nichts, primordial abyss – relatively unreal.

God's emergence from pure Oneness into differentiated actuality required a confrontation with with contrariety and opposition. It is out of this creative struggle that the sensible universe issued forth. Negative elements were the motivating spurs that stimulated the production of all the manifold phenomena of nature.

  • experience of a hunger, longing, this will by means of becoming desire could find and feel itself. Imperfect reflection of its inner essence.
  • contraction into a core of being - will to return to the original unity
  • a chaotic fire burned without giving light - first suffering of the universe: violent thunderclap
  • joyous clap supervened - emergence of harmony and order out of the original chaos
  • Holy spirit is precisely the continual movement between the yes and the no: it is the living breath of the cosmos.
  • historicity of the Absolute
  • interactions of divine wrath, love and movement - supernatural fusion of psychological and alchemical properties.

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